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The only reason that I joined Tinder was in an effort to survive the break up — just a gesture to push myself in the direction of getting over my ex and moving on. After about a week of being in Australia, someone on Tinder, a local Aussie, reached out to me and I had a good feeling about them and felt comfortable enough with our conversation that I agreed to meet them for a midday coffee date. We got along extremely well and began dating right away.

So I found myself with a new partner and in a new relationship within just two weeks of arriving in Australia.

The Reality of Falling in Love While Studying Abroad

It was by no means a rebound and I did feel extremely guilty about jumping into a relationship with someone else so soon. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Learning a little bit of the native language may help you in your endeavors to find your foreign fairy tale as well. A language barrier can really hinder a budding romance, so make an effort to learn at least a few words and phrases before you embark on your study-abroad adventure.

Studying Abroad While Black

This could be the perfect excuse to put those years of high school Spanish, French or Italian to the test. Make sure you at least know the word amore! What happened in Italy stayed in Italy!

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Whether he goes to your school or not, nothing will make you guys bond like attempting to read foreign maps, trying new foods or getting lost in the city. I think everyone hopes to go to another country and meet some hot foreign guy—I know I did—but I never expected to fall for an American while I was in Rome.

Invite him to try the cute pizza joint around the corner that everyone has been raving about or to check out a local art gallery with you. Moral of the story: He may be the guy of your dreams or he could just be just a fun story to tell your friends about later——either way, we hope you find a little amour wherever you study abroad! Skip to main content. Looking for a casual fling?